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Consultancy and design for warehouses
Mounting and commissioning
Machinery and equipment servicing / maintenance
Logistics-supply services


Phone: 0368 - 466 176
Mobile: 0722 541 995
Fax: 0368 - 466 175

Agrar Clima Services

Agrar Clima offers solutions for vegetables and fruit storage for every separate product.

Agrar Clima's goal is to understand the needs of every individual customer as best as possible. Starting from the first discussion in the design stage and until the final mounting, we keep a close connection with our customers, in order to make sure that the mutually selected solutions are the best from a technological point of view and meet our customers' requirements.

Services provided by Agrar Clima:

  • Consultancy and design for warehouses:
    • Choosing the appropriate equipment for every application;
    • Placing and including equipment in dedicated areas;
    • Configuring and designing storage areas, which can be erected in cooperation with architects.

  • Mounting and commissioning:
    • Warehouse mounting, including all air conditioning equipment

  • Machinery and equipment servicing / maintenance:
    • Technical inspections and controls; regular or at the customer's request;
    • Technical revisions; regular or at the customer's request;
    • Current repairs or overhauls;
    • Modula or capital replacements;
    • Guarantee and post guarantee for all equipment and machinery supplied.

  • Logistics-supply services:

    Through this service we supply:
    • Post-guarantee spares and materials, required for maintenance and repairs;
    • Installations and equipment requested for any type of equipment in operation.

Agrar Clima stands for the highest level of freshness and quality!