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Consultancy and design for warehouses
Mounting and commissioning
Machinery and equipment servicing / maintenance
Logistics-supply services


Phone: 0368 - 466 176
Mobile: 0722 541 995
Fax: 0368 - 466 175

About Agrar Clima

About Agrar Clima As we know so well, health is a welfare of man which starts first and foremost from alimentation as correct and as bio as possible. Fruit and vegetables play an important role in people's feeding representing a source of energy, vitamins, minerals and fibers benefic to the human body, protecting it and giving it resistance. They must be part of our daily diet. This is why the quality, freshness and aspect and vegetables and fruit weigh significantly in the choices consumers make.

Fruit and vegetable storage in an appropriate environment and in compliance with the EU requirements in force, lead to those products that consumers need and are satisfied with. The benefit of appropriately stored fruit and vegetables is: preserving their freshness and integrity. In this context, Agrar Clima helps fruit and vegetables producers find the best processing and storage methods for every product category.

Agrar Clima was founded in 2006, starting from the idea to provide cooling systems for fruit and vegetable warehouses on the national and international markets. This idea came true, through a successful collaboration with Gaugele GmbH, the market leader in Germany in constructing and equipping vegetable warehouses - especially potatoes, onion and carrots.

Currently, Agrar Clima supplies solutions for fruit and vegetable storage for every individual product.

In order to fulfil its mission, Agrar Clima offers its customers a specialized team, for specialized technical support in the area of fruit and vegetables storage.

Also, Agrar Clima supports its customers with advisory and warehouse design services, helping them implement projects, starting from planning, continuing with choosing the right machinery, mounting it and, finally, training operators.

The solutions proposed by Agrar Clima help its customers be more productive and more profitable. Due to an efficient technological flow, customers can optimize production costs, deliver faster, keeping full control over fruit and vegetables quality.

Participating in various fairs and exhibitions in Romania and abroad has given the company the opportunity to promote itself directly and come into contact with technical innovations in this area and not only. Agrar Clima ceaselessly implements innovative solutions in its area in order to offer its customers the best ideas, solutions, strategies and products.

Success and performance rely on the quality of the products and services supplied to the market by Agrar Clima, a company which understands to be not only a supplier, but also a serious partner on the long-run, who contributes significantly to his customers' success.

Agrar Clima stands for freshness and quality at the highest level!