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Consultancy and design for warehouses
Mounting and commissioning
Machinery and equipment servicing / maintenance
Logistics-supply services


Phone: 0368 - 466 176
Mobile: 0722 541 995
Fax: 0368 - 466 175

Agrar Clima Career

Do you wish to develop your career in a continuously-developing team of professionals? Do you wish to work in an interested and sought area, i.e. storage systems for fruit and vegetables?
If yes, send your resume, together with a letter of intent to or fax 0040 368 466 175 or to our company office in Brasov, Zizinului Street, no. 109 Bis (inside Oligopol), code 500407.

You can apply for the following jobs:

- accountant;
- mechanical engineer;
- locksmith;
- unskilled worker.

All applications will be considered and analyzed against the job description, and applicants will be informed as soon as possible regarding the decision taken by our human resources specialists.