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Combo cooling unit

Combo cooling unit - Agrar Clima The latest product for equipping fruit and vegetables warehouses is the combo cooling and ventilation unit. It cools either with outside air, weather permitting, or via mechanical cooling. This approach allows for a significant reduction of energy usage as the cooling unit - the main consumer - switches on only when this is absolutely necessary.
The combo unit is used in warehouses for ventilating stored crates or the premises.

Combo cooling unit guide:
For ventilation purpose, there are fans with an air flow rate of approx. 90 m³/ton/h.
Via a fresh air flap, outside air is sucked in through the back side. The air is then pumped directly to the fans and blown via bend tubes. By adjusting the flap opening, the interior air can be mixed with outside air for reaching the appropriate temperature, in cold days.
The recirculated air is taken in via the vaporizer on the front part of the unit.
In case of too high exterior temperature or in case of too low moisture, the mechanical cooling activates. In the recirculation procedure, air in the lower part of the warehouse is sucked in, cooled in the vaporizer and reintroduced into the upper part of the warehouse.
Depending on the needs, the combo unit can be fitted with a defrosting unit.
The unit is set-up via the MC 32 microcomputer and analogical modules with relays.
An optional feature is the remote command and maintenance via the computer.

Standard features:
- Sprayed paint enclosure, RAL 9010-compliant;
- Insulation-coating framework;
- Air intake flap;
- Electrically-actuated fresh air flap;
- Control panel with all contactors, motor-switch;
- Main switch and necessary switches and control lamps.
All outputs are connected to terminals, mounted in a steel frame, cables ready for connection. It comprises channel sensor, freeze-protection thermostat and product sensors

Technical features:
Model LK 150 LK 350 LK 500 LK 750 LK 1000
Approx. storage volume 150 t 350 t 500 t 750 t 1000 t
Cooling power 13,5 kW 26 kW 36 kW 52 kW 72 kW
Number of fans 1 2 3 3 4
Air volume m³/h 14.000 29.000 46.000 60.000 80.000
Noise level dB(A) 77 80 82 83 84
Acoustic pressure level dB(A)/50m 33 36 38 39 40